Greensaver is Ontario’s leading energy conservation organization. Since our inception, we have grown from a small educational centre into the leaders and trusted experts in energy conservation and alternative energy solutions in Ontario. Along the way, we have helped thousands of homeowners, renters, and small businesses reduce their energy consumption and overall utility costs.

  • Greensaver is formed

    Greensaver is formed

    In the mid-1980s, Greensaver comes into existence, alongside several other not-for-profits. Our goal is to reduce residential energy consumption and, as a result, better our environment.  
  • Incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization

    Incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization

    Greensaver becomes incorporated as a non-profit organization. During the 1990s, we were primarily an education and resource centre that shared knowledge with residents. We always had a sustainability mandate, even before the term became common. During this time, we earned a reputation in the industry as a trusted resource for environmental conservation.

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    NRCan Energy Assessments

    We pioneer the official energy assessment standard of the Government of Canada: NRCan Energy Assessments.








  • Low-Income Programs

    Low-Income Programs

    Greensaver runs a pilot program with Toronto Community Housing and the City of Toronto to helps low-income residents save energy. It is the precursor to our future programs, such as the Home Assistance Program and the Home Winterproofing Program.



  • EnerGuide for Houses Program

    EnerGuide for Houses Program

    We start to deliver a Federal program known as EnerGuide for Houses. This program rates houses across Canada on their energy efficiency. It also offers financial incentives for homeowners to retrofit their homes to make them more efficient.







  • Transition to Insulation & Retrofit Work

    Transition to Insulation & Retrofit Work

    Greensaver transitions to providing insulation upgrades in homes, as well as delivering low-income energy conservation programs.

    In, 2003 we invest in our own Retrofit Department, which gives us the capacity to complete retrofits in-house.





  • Vladan Veljovic Joins

    Vladan Veljovic Joins

    Vladan Veljovic, our current President and CEO, joins the organization.





  • Low-Income Gas Pilot Program

    Low-Income Gas Pilot Program

    We pilot a program to help low-income Enbridge and Union Gas customers reduce their energy use.




  • Pilot Small Business Incentive Programs, Solar Panels & Heat Pumps

    Pilot Small Business Incentive Programs, Solar Panels & Heat Pumps

    Greensaver pilots two energy conservation programs called the Small Business Lighting and Business Refrigeration Incentive. Both help small businesses retrofit their buildings with efficient lighting and refrigeration appliances.

    This year, we also move into the solar industry, installing hot water solar systems and rooftop solar panels with an in-house installation crew. We also install heat pumps and create a New Technology Division.




  • The Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate (MEER)

    The Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate (MEER)

    Greensaver begins delivering the Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebate. This program provides funding for building owners across Ontario to help reduce their building’s energy consumption. As a result, we complete work on around 2000 commercial and residential buildings over the next four years.


  • First Joint Electric-Gas Program

    First Joint Electric-Gas Program

    We start delivering the first-ever joint electric and gas low-income energy efficiency program, on behalf of the City of Toronto, Enbridge Gas, and Toronto Hydro. Known as Home Energy Help, it provides free home improvements to help those in need conserve electricity, gas, and water, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and save money.

    The Mayor of Toronto, David Miller, describes the program as a “terrific example of what we can accomplish when we work in partnership.




  • SaveOnEnergy Home Assistance Program

    SaveOnEnergy Home Assistance Program

    Greensaver commences delivering the Home Assistance Program for 45 utility companies across Ontario, including Toronto Hydro and Hydro One.

    The Home Assistance Program helps low-income Ontarians save on their energy bills. It provides free energy-efficient upgrades and an in-home energy assessment to those who need it most.






  • Business Refrigeration Incentive

    Business Refrigeration Incentive

    We start delivering the Business Refrigeration Incentive for major utility companies across the province, including Toronto Hydro and Ottawa Hydro. By participating in this program, businesses can have their inefficient refrigeration equipment replaced free of charge.





  • Exclusive Delivery Agent for the SaveOnEnergy Home Assistance Program

    Exclusive Delivery Agent for the SaveOnEnergy Home Assistance Program

    2017 is a monumental year for Greensaver. The IESO selects us as the sole delivery agent of the Home Assistance Program for the entire province of Ontario.

    Also, with the amalgamation of Enbridge and Union Gas, we expand our operation into Union Gas territories as we begin to deliver the Home Winterproofing Program. 

    Finally, in 2017, Greensaver adds The Affordability Fund Trust to our list of conservation programs.







  • Tremendous Growth

    Tremendous Growth

    We have tripled our capacity and staff from 2018 by securing new contracts and efficiently delivering our energy-saving programs across Ontario.




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