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How do I know if my home and I are eligible for the Greener Homes Grant?

To be eligible for the Greener Homes Grant you must own the home, it must be your primary residence, you will be asked to provide proof of ownership by showing the property tax bill during the evaluation, and the home must be an eligible building and home type.

Can I go through the Greener Homes Grant at the same time as other government programs?

Yes! The Greener Homes Grant is stackable with other programs, but you cannot receive a reimbursement for the same measure more than once through these different programs.

If I have questions about the Greener Homes Grant eligibility criteria on the NRCan website, who should I reach out to?

Please contact NRCan (Natural Resources Canada) at 1-833-674-8282.

I live on First Nations Reserve land, what proof of ownership can I show for the Program?

A Certificate of Possession or a Certificate of Occupation. You can contact your band office if you don’t have either of these.

What is MPAC?

Municipal Property Assessment Cooperation – they review property tax information and payments. A property tax bill can be used to show proof of ownership, as this shows the property tax roll #, which is needed for verification purposes.

What upgrades are eligible under the Greener Homes Grant?

Please visit the NRCan website for the full list.

How do I create a Greener Homes registration profile online?

Please visit the NRCan website portal to register for the Greener Homes Grant. This is where you will be uploading your receipts and keeping track of your reimbursement status.

Where does Greensaver service for the Greener Homes Grant?

We provide service to all of Ontario.


How do I get reimbursed through the Grant?

To be eligible for reimbursement, you must have a pre-retrofit evaluation conducted on your primary residence, complete the eligible retrofits, and have a post-retrofit evaluation. You will be required to upload the receipts for your eligible retrofits to your NRCan website portal. The advisor will upload the necessary evaluation documents to the NRCan portal. Once all the necessary steps are done, NRCan will review the documentation and issue a refund appropriately.

How much am I reimbursed for the cost of the pre- and post-retrofit evaluations?

If you complete the entire Grant including the post-retrofit evaluation and upload your receipts to the NRCan portal, you are eligible for a reimbursement of $600; $400 for the pre-retrofit evaluation and $200 for the post-retrofit evaluation.

How much do the Greener Homes evaluations cost?

With Greensaver the pre-retrofit evaluation cost is $400+HST, and for the post-retrofit evaluation the cost is $200+HST

How much can I get reimbursed through the Grant?

The maximum reimbursement is $5000 for measures found on the eligible measures report from the pre-retrofit evaluation. Not all retrofits are reimbursed at 100% and some out-of-pocket spending is a possibility for the participant. Each measure has a different reimbursement amount based on the current energy efficiency level of the home; please find more information on the NRCan website.

What form of payment do you take for the evaluations?

The only form of payment Greensaver accepts is credit card. Our system is secure, and we take this information over the phone during the scheduling call.

In what form am I reimbursed through the Grant?

NRCan sends the reimbursement in the form of a cheque after they review the uploaded documents (receipts for retrofits and the advisor’s assessment).


How much time do I have to complete the work after the pre-retrofit evaluation?

NRCan would prefer you complete your retrofits within 130 days after the pre-retrofit evaluation, but the Grant is expected to run up to 7 years, depending on funding.

Can I start my retrofit projects before the pre-retrofit evaluation?

No, the home needs to be in its present state to evaluate where it currently stands. This is so we can measure the difference the retrofits made when we come back to complete the post-retrofit evaluation.


How long do the evaluations typically take?

The pre-retrofit evaluation is approximately 3 hours, and the post-retrofit evaluation is approximately 1 hour.

Can I have an evaluation done if my home is undergoing renovations?

No, if there are renovations going on in the home, it could impact the accuracy of some of the tests required for the Grant.

I had my pre-retrofit evaluation done with another Greener Homes service organization; can I get my post-retrofit evaluation done with Greensaver?

No, unfortunately not, the service organization that conducted your pre-retrofit evaluation must conduct your post-retrofit evaluation for you to be eligible for reimbursement.

I already ordered my windows / doors, but they haven’t been installed yet. Can I have the pre-retrofit evaluation done?

Yes! As long as the installation date is after the pre-retrofit evaluation, you will be eligible.


When does the advisor upload the pre- and post-retrofit findings to the NRCan portal?

They are required to upload any pertaining documents to the NRCan portal within 30 days after the post-retrofit evaluation.

How long after my pre-retrofit evaluation will I get my eligible measures report?

You will receive your report from your advisor within 14 calendar days after your pre-retrofit evaluation.


Can I upgrade my furnace through the Grant?

No, there is only the option to upgrade your heating system to an Air Source Heat Pump. Please find more information on the NRCan website.

Why does the Greener Homes Grant only offer reimbursements for Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) and not furnaces?

Greener Homes is providing grants for ASHP because they are more energy efficient than furnaces. ASHP is more eco-friendly than burning Natural Gas; they will reduce carbon emissions. With the carbon tax going up, ASHP will become less expensive to run than a natural gas furnace.

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