Who is Eligible?

Eligible homeowners in Canada regardless of where they live can participate in the initiative. Only one homeowner per home can register. For the grant eligibility, you will be required to:

  • provide proof of ownership with your property tax bill number (this number can be found on your municipal property tax documents)
  • demonstrate the property is your primary residence through either a driver’s licence or government-issued ID (with address).

The following groups are also eligible applicants under the initiative:

  • Indigenous governments or organizations (e.g., band councils, land claim organizations)
  • housing management bodies and other representative or Indigenous service delivery organizations with formal partnerships with Indigenous governments or organizations

These applicants are eligible to register multiple homes, including homes that are not the owner’s primary residence. The homes registered must be owned by the applicant and be occupied by Indigenous households.

Who is NOT Eligible?

If any of the below apply, you are automatically ineligible for this grant:

  • “I am a landlord and rent my property”
  • “I am a renter”
  • “I already started or completed my retrofits without first receiving an EnerGuide home evaluation”
  • “My home was built less than 6 months ago (but you can apply once your home is at least 6 months old)”
  • “I haven’t moved into the home yet because we are renovating it, before making it my primary residence”

Does your home qualify?

A couple looking for Canada Greener Homes Grant Eligibility
  • Is it your primary residence?
  • Is it 6 months or older?
    • & One of the following:
      • Single family detached
      • Semi-detached
      • Rowhouse / Townhouse
      • Mobile home (w/permanent foundation)
      • Floating Home (Permanently moored)
      • Residential Unit in a mixed-use Bldg.
      • Multi-Unit Residential Bld. (at least 3 stories tall and footprint up to 600 square meters)
      • Mobile home (w/permanent foundation

What upgrades are available through the Grant?

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