Smart or programmable thermostats help improve your comfort, help you save money on your energy bill and reduce your carbon footprint. Choosing a smart or programmable thermostat allows you to schedule temperatures to automatically adjust to energy-saving time frames.

Option: Grant amount
Replace a manual thermostat by a programmable or smart/adaptive thermostat$50

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What is a Smart Thermostat?

A smart thermostat is a thermostat that you can control remotely through internet-connected devices such as phones, tablets, and smart speakers. Smart thermostats allow you to schedule and modify the temperature of your home remotely.

Smart thermostats are an upgrade on standard thermostats – which you have to set manually – and programmable thermostats – which can be set to change throughout the day, but not remotely.

There are three main types of smart thermostats available:

Learning Thermostats

Learning thermostats are smart thermostats that learn when the home is likely to be occupied based on occupants’ behaviour. The thermostat then heats and cools the house automatically, stopping heating and cooling systems from being left on too long and ensuring the home is comfortable when occupants arrive.

Zoned Systems

Zoned systems smart thermostats work by controlling the temperature in individual rooms instead of merely the whole home.

Learning Zoned Systems

Learning zone systems are the most advanced smart thermostats available. These thermostats learn the heating and cooling patterns of each room and then automatically adjust to meet needs.

Eligibility criteria for a grant:

  • Must be combined with an energy efficiency retrofit measure from the Canada Greener Homes Grant initiative.
  • Exclusions: New heat pumps are installed with new thermostats and cannot be combined with this measure.
  • A resiliency measure and a thermostat must be combined with another energy efficiency measure in order to qualify for the grants.
  • All equipment must be purchased in Canada.
  • Online purchases are only eligible if they are ordered from a distributor located in Canada.
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