Finchview Villa

In 2016, Finchview Villa applied for the Save on Energy Home Assistance program, funded by the Independent Energy System Operator, and delivered by Greensaver. Finchview Villa is a non-profit apartment rental complex for seniors, which offers rent-geared-to-income and market rent options.

Through partnering with Greensaver, Finchview Villa residents received the following measures free of charge:

  • over 270 compact fluorescent light bulbs
  • 33 water saving measures (including low flow shower heads and tap aerators)
  • 5 new ENERGY STAR® appliances including a new freezer and several refrigerators

These measures led to a combined saving of $2,600 on annual energy bills, as well as annual savings of over 17,000 kWh.

Finchview Villa was delighted with the results of partnering with Greensaver. “The entire process seems to be very well managed and was completed in a timely manner. We are completely satisfied with the result, we received 4 new Energy Efficient Fridges and one new Energy Efficient Freezer”, said Housing Manager Francine Amyotte.