NuStef Foods Limited

factory assembly line

NuStef Foods applied for the Save on Energy Retrofit Program, funded by the Independent Electricity System Operator, and received over 65% of the material costs of their project back in incentives. A food manufacturer, NuStef Foods makes cookies from scratch and packages them in their 43,000 square foot facility. This lighting was retrofitted in the inspection area, improving NuStef Foods inspectors’ quality control and ensuring a tasty product! GreenSaver has been providing free Save on Energy Business program support to Enersource Hydro Mississauga business customers since 2013. This includes acting as the Applicant Representative for any business customers looking to receive an incentive for completing an electricity saving retrofit project at their facility or facilities. As the Applicant Representative for NuStef Foods, we were able to take care of the entire incentive application process for them at no charge ensuring that they received the maximum incentive amount available for retrofitting their inspection area lighting.

Upgrades Installed:

  • 14 4-lamp T5 fluorescent fixtures, replacing 14 4-lamp T12 fluorescent fixtures for a total of 56 fluorescent tubes

Total Savings:

  • Participant incentive: $1,470
  • Material costs reduced by 65%
  • Approximately $1,493 annual savings on electricity bill
  • Over 10,500 kWh annual savings

“The whole experience of the Retrofit Program was brand new to me. Everybody at GreenSaver was quite cooperative and actually told me how to follow the process and get everything done. After it was finished, it was like night and day. These new lights let our inspectors put out a higher quality cookie. It was amazing.”

– Nateram Babulal, Plant Manager