Covid-19 Health and Safety

At Greensaver, health & safety of our community, of our employees and the environment is our upmost priority. We have taken the necessary steps and precautions as an organization to protect all against the COVID-19 pandemic. Our leadership team is closely monitoring the recommendations from the WHO, public health authorities and medical experts to ensure we implement the necessary measures.

Our business continuity plans allow our team to manage unfolding developments related to COVID-19 in a timely manner. We are prepared and are continually rolling out plans as needed to ensure the continued safe operations of our services to our clients.

We have taken steps to help prevent our employees’ exposure and are doing our part in helping prevent the spread of this virus.

Health and Safety Measures

Greensaver continuously promotes a safe and healthy work environment for staff, visitors, contractors, clients, and the general public by implementing and actively practicing elements of detailed health and safety programs. The purpose of any health and safety program is to identify and control hazards, define safety responsibilities (in compliance with OHSA) and preemptively respond to near misses that may result in accidents and occupational hazards.

As Ontario’s leading nonprofit energy conservation organization, Greensaver provides numerous services to clients that require customized health and safety protocols to accommodate both field-staff and in-office staff. Following a thorough assessment of all work processes and procedures, Greensaver has established several safety programs and a few to highlight are:

Pandemic Response Plan

The Pandemic Response Plan was created in response to the effect of COVID-19 on business operations, heavily impacting Greensaver’s field and in-office work processes. The program sets out to ensure that the offices can safely and effectively reopen in a manner that prioritizes the safety of all workers. The document outlines 4 gradual and efficient Phases of Reopening that highlights the obligatory actions of the executive team, managers/supervisors, employees, and clients. It should be noted that the commencement of each stage will be approved by the Greensaver executive management team with the guidance of the Municipal, Provincial, and Federal Government.

Contractor Health and Safety Protocol

With reference to the Pandemic Response Plan, Greensaver’s Contractor Health and Safety Protocol primarily focuses on in-field worker safety and how to handle customer interactions safely and adequately.

In coordination with a Infection Prevention and Control Specialist, Greensaver has developed this program to ensure that at all three stages (before, during, and after assessment) in the assessment process is carried out professionally and safety – given the circumstances of the on-going pandemic. The program ensures compliance with pre-screen health checks for both Greensaver employees and customers, in addition to sanitation measures that must be followed in order for any assessment to continue. With direction from the Provincial and Federal Health Agencies, Greensaver places heavy emphasis on addition “best-practice” safety measures surrounding at-risk populations such as individuals with compromised immune systems or individuals who are 65+ years of age.

Greensaver Safety Department

As of 2020, Greensaver has hired a full-time Health and Safety Advisor who primarily focused their attention on safe in-field operations, development of safety policies and protocols, and leadership on workplace assessments and meeting legislative requirements.

Some safety highlights to notes are:

  • Greensaver has been a COVID-19 free environment with zero workplace transmission breakouts
  • Near miss reporting has increased with incidents and accidents decreasing following the implantation of preventative measures