At Greensaver, we are experts in home energy evaluations. Our team of skilled advisors are EnerGuide Certified. Energuide is the official Government of Canada energy performance rating.  Our home energy evaluations (also commonly referred to as Home Energy Assessments) will help you identify how you can best save energy at home.

What is the Canada Greener Homes Grant?

This Government of Canada Initiative offers a free home energy evaluation, included is a grant of up to $5,000 to cover the cost of energy-efficiency upgrades. To register for the grant, please visit the Government of Canada Greener Homes log-in portal.

There are three steps to the Canada Greener Homes Grant:

Step 1: Get an EnerGuide energy evaluationThe first step to qualify for the grant is to have an EnerGuide certified energy advisor – such as one of our own experts – do an EnerGuide home energy evaluation of your home.

Step 2: Implement the suggested measuresNext, homeowners must implement the measures identified in the home energy evaluation.

Step 3: Get a post-retrofit evaluationFinally, homeowners must have an EnerGuide certified energy advisor do a post-retrofit evaluation on their home to calculate the improved energy efficiency.

What is a Home Energy Evaluation?

During your Home Energy Evaluation, our EnerGuide Certified Energy Advisor will examine your home to determine its energy efficiency and diagnose areas of improvements that will benefit your utility bills and your overall home comfort.

What is an Energy Advisor?

An Energy Advisor is an energy professional who is qualified to conduct energy evaluations on a home. Our Energy Advisors are registered with Natural Resources Canada to conduct government-approved EnerGuide assessments.

What will the evaluation include?

Our skilled energy advisors can complete an EnerGuide-certified evaluation of your home to assess its energy efficiency. This evaluation will include a thorough, room-by-room examination of the property. It may consist of a blower-door test to determine the building’s airtightness and locate air leakage.

Once the evaluation is complete, our experts can provide you with an EnerGuide rating. This government-approved rating tells you how energy efficient your home is and is recognized across the country. An EnerGuide rating is a real selling point for prospective buyers.

Our advisors will also provide you with a comprehensive EnerGuide home energy report.

What will the home energy report include?

In addition to the evaluation and rating, our advisors can provide you with an EnerGuide home energy report to help you make decisions about retrofits and upgrades that are needed to improve your rating. This personalized report will show you where to improve your energy efficiency and which upgrades are most important to improve your home’s energy performance.

Where can I book retrofit services after my evaluation?

In addition to the EnerGuide Home Evaluation and report, Greensaver can also connect you with experienced contractors to perform the retrofits after your evaluation. To learn more about our retrofit & insulation services, visit our Insulation and Retrofit Services page to get a quote.