How is Greensaver Reducing Ontario’s Emissions?

Carbon emissions in Ontario

At Greensaver, we deliver energy efficiency programs that help low-income Ontarians reduce their energy consumption and lower Ontario’s overall emissions. Read on to discover precisely how much we are aiding the province to reduce emissions and fight climate change.

What’s the Situation in Canada and Ontario?

Sadly, it’s not great.


Canada is currently warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world. In addition, the country is the world’s 10th largest emitter of greenhouse gases and the fifth-highest emitter in the world per-person. 

Canada has been beset by extreme weather events linked to climate change in recent times. For instance, the disastrous wildfires in British Columbia in 2017 burned 11 times more land than they would have without the influence of human-caused climate change. These wildfires cost the province a total of $564 million and destroyed swaths of carbon-storing forest.

The Canadian government has pledged to reduce its GHG emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030 as part of the global Paris accord. However, in 2018 emissions in the country rose, casting doubt on whether it is possible to achieve such reductions. 


Ontario is also warming at a faster rate than the rest of the world. As in Canada as a whole, climate change is already costing Ontario vast sums of money. For example, in April and May of 2018, extreme windstorms in Southern Ontario caused a reported $460 million worth of damage.

Ontario has set a target to reduce its emissions by 37% compared to 1990 levels by 2030, and 80% by 2050. In 2016, emissions in the province were at the lowest level since records began in 1990. However, since 2018, emissions have started to rise again

How is Greensaver Helping to Reduce Ontario’s Emissions?

In Ontario, residential buildings made up close to 12% of greenhouse gas emissions in 2016. This is where Greensaver comes in. 

We deliver two programs that directly reduce Ontario’s residential emissions – the Energy Affordability Program and the Home Winterproofing Program

Energy Conservation Programs

Greensaver delivers two main energy conservation programs on behalf of our clients: Save on Energy Home Assistance Program and the Enbridge Gas Home Winterproofing Program.

The Save on Energy Home Assistance Program

The Save on Energy Home Assistance Program helps low-income Ontarians save on their energy bills. It provides free energy-efficient upgrades and an in-home energy assessment with a home energy expert to those who need it most.

Greensaver is the Independent Energy System Operator’s (IESO) trusted delivery agent for the Home Assistance Program across the province. We have delivered the program since 2012, completing tens of thousands of free energy upgrades.

Enbridge Gas Logo

The Enbridge Gas Home Winterproofing Program helps low-income Ontarians save on their gas bills. It provides free insulation and draft proofing upgrades to those in need.

Greensaver is Enbridge’s trusted delivery agent for the Home Winterproofing Program in selected areas of the province. We have delivered the program since 2007, completing free energy assessments across Ontario.

Our 2019 Results

In 2019 alone, Greensaver completed over 19,000 projects for the Save on Energy Home Assistance Program, the Enbridge Gas Home Winterproofing Program and through our Home Energy Services. These projects achieved a saving of over 35,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, therefore making a significant dent in the reductions required to meet Ontario’s emissions targets. 

Carbon emissions

Conclusion: Greensaver is Helping to Reduce Ontario’s Emissions

In conclusion, Greensaver is Ontario’s leading not-for-profit energy conservation company. For more than 30 years, we have helped reduce Ontario’s greenhouse gas emissions and will continue to do so in the future. With our help, the province will hopefully meet its stated emission targets, and the world will overcome the challenge of halting runaway climate change.

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