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What kind of insulation service does Greensaver provide?

Attic Insulation

Relatively easy access makes the attic a favourite starting point to insulate for many homeowners. Even if an attic is already insulated, you may be able to improve comfort and increase the energy efficiency. Learn more about insulation

Exterior Wall Insulation

The walls of your home can account for about 20% of heat loss. In addition to heat loss through the walls, there are many cracks and other access points that allow uncontrolled air and water leakage into and out of your home. To help choose the right product for your job, review the characteristics of blown-in and foamed-in insulations.

Exposed Floor

Some homes have open foundations and exposed floors. Insulating the floor of those areas, such as the floor of a room above an attached garage or the floor of an addition where the floor is exposed to the outdoors can improve comfort and save energy. The intent of this measure is to provide insulation to the floors exposed to the outdoors. Learn more about insulating exposed floors.

Basement/Foundation Insulation

Did you know that basements can account for about 20% of a home’s total heat loss? Air leakage can also occur through basement windows and at the top of the foundation wall. Learn more about insulation a basement and foundation.

Crawl Space

Did you know that a crawl space can be insulated in two ways? The walls of the crawl space can be insulated on the inside or the outside. The house floor above it can also be insulated.