At Greensaver, we practice what we preach and lend a helping hand to others. For instance, our innovative EcoBenefits™ Package diversifies our employee compensation package with environmentally-friendly benefits.

Package Outline

EcoBenefits™ is an employee-centred series of financial and non-financial incentives that promote engagement in environmentally responsible practices. In other words, The EcoBenefits™ encourages employees to live sustainably inside and outside work and helps us achieve our long-term environmental goals through positive employee practises.

Biking to work
Volunteers planting tree
Commuting to work on the bus

For example, financial benefits include the Transit Allowance, which offers employees a financial incentive “payback” for commuting to work using public transit rather than driving.

Also, an example of a non-financial benefit is the Volunteer Work benefit. This benefit grants employees two paid days/year to volunteer within external non-profit and charitable organizations. It encourages employees to become more involved in the energy efficiency sector and within their communities.