Greensaver can provide utilities with cost-effective turnkey solutions to deliver programs on a budget. We have managed and delivered numerous efficiency programs targeting low-income areas. Our in-depth knowledge and experience in targeted regions have allowed us to provide programs that meet program guidelines, timelines, and customer expectations.

Energy auditors performing home energy assessment
Program Design meeting
Changing incandescent light bulb to LED energy efficient light bulb

Our in-house capabilities include:

  • Day-to-day program management
  • CDM customer service/client care
  • Application support
  • Post-project verification
  • Reporting
  • IESO liaison
  • Engineering guidance/assistance
  • Targeted marketing and outreach
  • Social media and website maintenance

Leaders and Innovators

Over the years, Greensaver has helped many Ontario utilities innovate and develop new sources of conservation initiatives that will pay dividends for decades to come. Therefore, we can provide solutions based on your target needs, or we can implement turnkey pilot programs, handling every aspect of delivery:

  • New program development – Collaboration Fund, Innovation Funding
  • Local program implementation – offer a new conservation program for your LDC
  • Provincial program delivery – achieve higher uptake at less cost to your budget

We have worked with LDCs on an individual basis as well as partnerships on Provincial and Federal initiatives. We have also engaged with gas utilities on program innovations as the conservation landscape matured into what we know it todayincluding:

  • IESO ECM Furnace Fan Upstream Residential Pilot, 3 LDC collaboration
  • OPA Small Commercial Refrigeration Pilot – PowerStream
  • OPA Small Business Lighting Pilot – PowerStream
  • Residential Weatherization Pilot – Union Gas
  • Toronto Community Housing Weatherization Pilot – Toronto Hydro
  • The Multifamily Energy Efficiency Rebates (MEER)