Save Energy this Thanksgiving with our Top Tips

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Save Energy this Thanksgiving with our Top Tips


Here at Greensaver, we love everything about Thanksgiving! It’s a wonderful time of year to pause and be thankful, surrounded by friends, family, and delicious food. However, cooking a big meal for so many people can also lead to higher-than-usual home energy costs. To help, follow our top tips to save energy this Thanksgiving.

1. Conserve Energy by Purchasing an Appropriately Sized Turkey


Yes, Thanksgiving is a time to stuff your face and roll over to the sofa for a nap. But try not to buy an unnecessarily big turkey for the number of people coming. Aim for 1.25 lbs of turkey per person; the smaller the turkey, the less time to cook and the less energy used.

2. Remove all Ingredients from the Fridge at Once

Save energy this Thanksgiving by planning and removing all ingredients from the fridge in one go. Every time you open the door, cold air escapes, and the compressor has to work harder to maintain a low temperature.

3. Store Drinks in a Cooler


Another way to avoid opening the fridge door unnecessarily is to store all drinks in a cooler. Not only do you prevent cold air from escaping, but you free up space, which is useful during the big food holidays!

4. Use a Baking Dish to Conserve Energy this Thanksgiving

A good quality baking dish is essential to saving energy. They distribute heat more evenly, leading to a quicker cook. Choose a glass or ceramic model, which retain heat better than metal ones.

5. Don’t Open the Oven Door

Resist the temptation to open the door to check on the turkey frequently. Repeated door-opening can drop the oven temperature by 25°F, slowing down the cooking process. If you must check, use the oven light and look through the glass to save energy this Thanksgiving.

6. Use your Kettle and Microwave

Stovetop burners are very energy-intensive. Using your kettle to boil water instead of your stovetop can save you a great deal of energy.
Similarly, microwaves use significantly less energy, so use them when you can.

7. Turn Down the Thermostat to Save Energy this Thanksgiving


The extra heat from the kitchen and the additional people will warm your home up. Turn down the thermostat to maintain a comfortable temperature and save energy in the process.

8. Let Leftovers Cool

When you finish eating, always let leftovers cool down before putting them in the fridge. Warm food in the refrigerator will force it to work harder to maintain a low temperature, therefore using more energy.

9. Save Energy by Using a Dishwasher

Save energy this Thanksgiving by loading up the dishwasher after a big meal. Doing so uses less water than washing dishes by hand, and since, in most cases, household water is heated by electricity, using less water saves you energy.

To save additional energy, purchase an Energy Star model, which will conserve, on average, 3,870 gallons of water over its lifetime.

Conclusion: There are Various Ways to Save Energy This Thanksgiving

In conclusion, by following our Thanksgiving energy-saving tips, you can enjoy the holiday with friends and family while knowing that you are not wasting energy. 

Michael Holmgaard

Michael Holmgaard