Ways for Seniors to Reduce their Electricity Bills

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Ways for Seniors to Reduce their Electricity Bills

At Greensaver, we are conscious that seniors often face financial pressure caused by rising living costs while living on a fixed income. To assist, here are ways for seniors to reduce their electricity bills.

Lower Energy Bills by Utilizing Off-Peak Hours

As seniors, you are more likely to be at home during the day than younger people. As a result, you can reduce electricity bills by running appliances during off-peak hours when energy rates are lower. It is particularly beneficial to run energy-intensive appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers during this time.

In many jurisdictions, including Ontario, the Government have introduced fixed off-peak hours to provide financial relief during the pandemic. However, more expensive on-peak hours will eventually return.

Install More Energy Efficient LED Lighbulbs

Installing LED lightbulbs to replace old bulbs can make a positive difference to electricity bills. Not only are LED bulbs far more efficient, saving you money in the long run, but they also last up to 25,000 hours – a lifespan of more than three years if run 24/7. 

This lifespan is advantageous as once installed, LEDs do not need to replaced for quite some time. For those who may have physical limitations that make changing lightbulbs difficult, LEDs are highly practical.

However, as mentioned in a previous insight, LEDs can be expensive to purchase compared to their less efficient counterparts, so buy them gradually if budget is a concern. 

Raise the Thermostat Temperature to Decrease Energy Bills

As we grow older, we become more prone to heat illnesses such as heat stroke. Consequently, it becomes vital to use appliances such as air conditioners to maintain a comfortable home temperature.

However, most people, including seniors, can likely afford to slightly raise the thermostat temperature while maintaining a safe temperature. As discussed in our previous insight – Top Tips to Save Energy at Home in Summer – the optimum temperature to stay cool while avoiding high bills is 26°C (78°F). Increasing the thermostat temperature will reduce the temperature difference between outside and inside, leading to lower cooling bills.

Don’t Heat or Cool Unused Spaces

It may be the case that you live in a large family home previously occupied by younger family members who have since moved out. If this is the case, heat or cool only frequently used rooms to reduce electricity bills.

Participate in Energy Conservation Programs

Living on fixed-incomes and being careful about finances is a fact of life for many seniors. This financial prudence includes not wasting money on inefficient appliances and unnecessarily high energy bills. 

Greensaver delivers a program designed to reduce the energy burden on low-income Ontarians, including specifically low-income seniors: The Energy Affordability Program. Seniors who claim benefits such as Allowance for the Survivor and Allowance for Seniors are automatically eligible to receive various energy efficiency upgrades through this program.

Conclusion: There are Many Ways for Seniors to Reduce Their Electricity Bills

Using the tips detailed above or taking part in either of our conservation programs will help seniors reduce their electricity bills. 

Michael Holmgaard

Michael Holmgaard