Why is Energy Efficiency Important for You?

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Why is Energy Efficiency Important for You?


In a previous insight, we discussed the significance of energy efficiency for businesses. However, it is also essential to more than just companies – it matters for people too. Read on to discover the reasons why we at Greensaver think energy efficiency is important for you.

Energy Efficiency Helps Protect the Planet

We all want a livable planet for future generations, right? This can only be achieved if we halt climate change and limit warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

The United Nations considers energy efficiency as vital in the fight against climate change. As a result, they have set a target of doubling the global rate by 2030 as part of their Sustainable Development Goals. The International Energy Agency also considers energy efficiency as having a “central role in tackling climate change.”

For example, the widespread adoption of energy-efficient appliances in the United States could reduce carbon emissions by 550 million metric tons by 2050. This would go a long way to halting global warming.

Improve Your Health and Quality of Life

More than just being good for the planet, energy efficiency also helps improve your health and quality of living. Worldwide, 4.2 million people a year die of exposure to air pollution. Using energy more efficiently means using less, which equals less air pollution.

Living or working in an energy-efficient building also reduces any symptoms of respiratory conditions such as asthma. If you live in a cold climate, energy-efficient buildings reduce rates of winter mortality. If you’re in a hot environment, they reduce levels of dehydration and heatstroke.

Make your Life Easier

Highly energy-efficient homes often include technology such as light sensors and smart thermostats. Such technology makes your life easier as you don’t have to remember to turn off lights and appliances.

Energy Efficiency Can Save you Money


Installing energy-efficient appliances in your home can save you a substantial amount of money. For example, installing ENERGY STAR appliances can save the average Canadian homeowner $300 a year in utility costs. 

This money can then be re-invested into, for example, upgrading your insulation to make your home even more efficient and saving even more money. Or into buying lots of ice cream. Your choice.  

Insulate Yourself from Rising Energy Costs

Another reason that energy efficiency is essential for you is that electricity prices continue to rise worldwide. In Ontario, household energy prices will increase by 52% by the year 2035. 

Therefore, energy conservation is an essential method of mitigating these rising costs. 

Increase the Value of Your Property


If you own your property, investing in energy efficiency is a smart move. Houses made more energy-efficient can see their value rise by between 10 and 14%. Studies have also shown that many people would try to renegotiate a home’s price if they discovered it was energy inefficient. 

In Canada, homeowners can rate their property’s energy efficiency through the EnerGuide system, which provides ratings demonstrating how efficient a building is. 

Conclusion: Energy Efficiency is Vital for Individuals

In conclusion, at Greensaver, we are passionate about helping people save energy and about protecting the environment. Energy efficiency helps achieve these two things, but it also offers additional benefits to individuals, such as a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle. 

Michael Holmgaard

Michael Holmgaard